Wake Up, Sleepyhead

I’m ready to play!


Hey, Sam, wake up!

As our family has slowly grown over the years, it has be delightful to watch how the children interact with one another, seeing the interests they share and how they care for one another. I hear often about how the current baby will be displaced by a new little one, older ones will get tired of having little ones around, etc, etc.  So very wrong.

Large family

Maybe pinching his nose will work!

How I treasure special moments between siblings. I have memories of every. single. night have to take Caleb out of Lydia’s crib. They are only 21 months apart and have been so close since Lydia was born. Even now, at 9 and 11, they still enjoy each others company. Bekah, 13, and Hannah, 7, can enjoy doing Bible study and listening to commentaries together. Mary, 12, is at this moment at the piano with two siblings sharing a love of music.

Maybe he didn’t hear me….

In no way do I want to paint a picture of the perfect sibling relationships. Fighting? Yes, it happens. Hurt feelings? We’ve got them. Not wanting to share space? We’ve handled it.  However, at the end of the day, my kiddos know that they are loved. They have friends for life. How I pray that my children will stay close as they get older and always have a strong relationship as they walk through life.

I’m not waking up!

Looking at these pictures make my heart smile. I am so blessed to be able to homeschool and watch these sweet moments. And remember them when they are fighting over who gets the dollhouse baby.



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