Perfect Size!

Useful Mason Jars

Oreos, M&Ms and Twizzlers, oh my!

A few weeks ago, a dear friend blessed us with all her mason jars as she was no longer canning.  When she offered them, I had no idea how many she had! We are thrilled as we use our mason jars for so many things. They are great for extra pizza sauce, batch of granola or yummy, homemade soup.

These 4 oz. jars have added a bit of fun to our days.  In the above picture, I used them to serve a small treat at movie night. The perfect size for a taste of the goodies without over indulging.

Cake in Mason Jars

Yummy birthday cake!

Hannah requested that we make her birthday cake in the little jars; perfect sizing. It also made it so easy to put on the lid and save for later. Sarah asked for the same on her birthday with a rose on top for extra loveliness. Thanks to Mary for the roses!

Sarah, 5 and Martha 11 months

We have used these little jars so much more than I could have imagined…perfect for the little ones when enjoying applesauce, ice cream and more! What are your favorite ways to use mason jars?

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