And She is One!

It happens when you blink or perhaps glance away…it seems like only yesterday that I was wondering if this baby would every make her appearance and now she is a year old!

Little Miss Martha Ann – One Year

A year ago I had the joy of experiencing my first home birth. An absolutely amazing time. This precious little miracle we call Goose Berry was worth every minute of those 42 weeks. She has been a delight to our home..her giggle, her smiles, her love of cuddles.

Goose Berry

Martha has every one wrapped around her little finger.  She is always on the go and loves to find adventure in the bedrooms. Everyone is on alert to keep little items picked up in their rooms.  Swiping dollhouse people is high on her entertainment list.

You mean I have to share with him?

While Martha is chattering away, Daddy was her birthday spokesperson and assured us that she was Texas Sheet Cake and ice cream for her birthday. Martha has not shown much interest in solids and we have been working on encouraging her to eat. Ice cream seemed to do the trick. She has no issues enjoying that birthday treat. She passed on the cake.


Sadly, Martha was not feeling well on her birthday. In the middle of our little photo session, she took a little break. Is there anything cute than that?

The Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, Goose Berry!!!


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