Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

Tis the season for snow! Unless you live in a warmer climate and those lovely white flakes are a rarity. I must confess; I am not a fan of snow. I think it is beautiful in pictures. At your house. Not mine. At my house, snow is wet and cold and wet and cold. However, my children have a romantic view of snow and are delighted when we see a dusting of snow.

Paper snowflakes

Our Winter Wonderland

There is one type of snow, or snowflake, that I do enjoy and that is a paper snowflake. Several days ago, we rounded up the scissors and paper and set to work.  Paper was flying everywhere and so were the giggles. The younger ones just worked on the basic snowflake cutting skill while the older ones focused on more intricate designs.

Just for daddy…

And the above snowflakes were put in the kitchen doorway just for their daddy.  He loves it. Really. Ok, not really. The middle one hits him dead in the face while the rest of us can walk right under it.  Sometimes being short is beneficial.

Are you making paper snowflakes this winter?



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