Fruit Loopy Fine Motor

Sam, 3, is a very chatty guy.  After having a couple of children in speech therapy, I remind myself what a gift it is that Sam is a talker. Timing is not his gift. In the midst of helping someone with long division or a phonics lesson quiet is appreciate.

Preschool skills

What do you do to quiet Super Sam? A little bit of homemade playdough, a bamboo skewer and a handful of fruit loopy cereal. Voila! Focused attention, busy hands and a mind hard at work.

Sam had a great time putting the cereal on the skewer. He was very determined to get the skewer completely covered. One sibling, who had been working in another room, walked in and thought for a moment that he had stacked the cereal that high. Talented guy.

After completely filling up the skewer, I let Sam eat them as he took them off the skewer. A special treat as cereal is not an every day food item in our home. He enjoyed filling up the skewer so much that he asked to do it again. No problem! Enjoy!

Fine motor

After eating the second skewer full of fruity cereal it was time for us to move on in our day. He had been quietly and diligently working for at least 30 minutes. An added bonus was playing with the little mound of playdough that held up the skewer.

Prep time for this was almost non-existent. In a moment, I had it set up and ready for him to enjoy. I utilized this fruity cereal because it was used for a fun math activity for his siblings. Normally I would have just used a whole grain “o” cereal.

One advantage to using the fruity cereal is that you can also work on sorting and patterns. We worked on some of that also and will share later.

I will definitely have this activity in a regular rotation using various items to place on the skewer. It doesn’t always need to be food. Uncooked pasta, cut straws, beads,  and metal washers could also be used.  A very versatile activity.
*(Please note: When you use small items with your preschoolers, be aware of the risk of those items being put in the mouth or nose. There could be a choking hazard.)

On days like this, everyone wants to go back to the preschool class! What fun activities are you doing with your preschoolers? Please share in the comment section!


This post is a part of my Preschool on a Budget series.

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