Man of the Family ~ Read Aloud Thursday

Our reading aloud progress has been moving along a bit slowly.  It was  bit challenging to read aloud when I was sick several days ago and then we were out of town moving my in-laws.  We  have been hitting a chapter here and there and reading a picture book or two for the younger ones. Hopefully now we can get back on track; curriculum changes should help as well!

Our current read aloud is Man of the Family by Ralph Moody. A few years ago we read Little Britches and sadly our library didn’t have any of the other books by Mr. Moody.  Thankfully we have a dear friend who generously shares from her family’s library.  We finished up Little Britches for the second time recently and the children persuaded me to head right into the second book, Man of the Family.

In this second book from Mr.  Moody we continue to learn about life in the early 1900’s, the struggle of a family to survive after the loss of the dad and the resourcefulness of an 11 year old boy to be the man of the family.  Many life lessons can be taken from each chapter as we see how the family rises to the various challenges they face.  You will laugh and cry as you read about measles, hauling railroad ties and spilling the beans.

We have a few more chapters to go and the children are already asking if we are going to get the third book by Mr. Moody.  If you are studying the 1900s in history, this would be an excellent read aloud. If you are a family that just loves to cuddle up with a good read, grab it! Everyone will enjoy!

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  1. We love this one and Little Britches, too, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten. I know what you mean about slow read-aloud progress, too. 🙂

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