A Bit of Logic

When you are homeschooling with small or limited funds, finding and utilizing free or inexpensive resources is always a good thing.  Often I look over what subjects or areas I would like different children to be working on and learning but I don’t have a resource on hand. Again and again, I am blessed to stumble upon a free resource that works out perfectly!

Logical thinking resources abound but they just don’t make the budget for us.  However, we are getting some logical thinking in each day and enjoying it! Here are two free online resources we are using:

Set Daily Puzzle – This is a quick, fun game that everyone enjoys.  Sometimes everyone is gathered up together working on it.  For a bit of competition we will have the puzzle up on two computers and it is a race to see who finds the six sets first.  Even younger children can grasp the concept and play along.

Logic Puzzles – I love these!  These can be very challenging and take a bit longer that the Set Puzzle.  These puzzles do give you an option to print the puzzle out which is a great option.  I can print out the puzzle and children can work on them throughout the day. We can gather at the table and work through them together. It would be great to print them out for car trips as well or  a doctor’s appointment when you could be waiting around a bit.


What do you use for logical thinking skills? Do you have a free resource that you love?

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