Just One More….Read Aloud Thursday

Long, long ago…..there was a little girl. The mom of this little girl hoped that her daughter would share a love of books.  Many hours were spent reading book after book. Soon there were request for “just one more” and the mom delightedly obliged.

Now that darling little girl is 14 and devours books at an alarming rate.  However, she knows the value of a good book…no matter if it is a picture book.  I find great pleasure when this young lady now sits to read and her youngest siblings quickly climb around her and ask for “just one more” book.

Five of my eight children are readers….and all 8 still love to be read to.  If I ever had the thoughts to not read aloud, I think there would be a mutiny.  Thankfully, I get to enjoy some wonderful stories as I read aloud. Who doesn’t love the request for “just one more”?

Amidst the laundry, the cooking, the math and the science, reading has been in the mix.  A chapter at lunch, one right before bed and perhaps right in the middle of everything else – we stop. To read.

We are continuing on with The Hobbit. Delightful reading for me. I love when I am reading and the children start chuckling because they know what is coming; and I don’t! We are taking it slowly. Anne of Avonlea is still in the read aloud basket.  Who doesn’t enjoy Anne? This is our “girl book”. Meaning we can read aloud Anne even with Caleb is working with his dad.

Hannah, Sarah and I have almost finished My Father’s Dragon. We have just one chapter left to go and then we will move on to….well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You must wait and see! I hope to share all of Hannah’s hard work when her My Father’s Dragon lapbook is done.

For my younger ones we have enjoyed Amos and Boris by William Steig. Who couldn’t enjoy a story about a mouse and a whale? This book could be used as a springboard for so many learning opportunities! We read it just for fun.

Then there was Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig. I read this one years ago and knew it was time to share it with Sam.  A bit of rain ruins his day but his dad knows just what to do! Make a pizza. This would be a great “pizza night” book or perhaps a rainy day book.  Rainy day? Make some pizza. A fun, silly book!

A personal favorite of mine that I wanted to read again – Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran. Neighborhood children, empty lot, rocks, broken china and great imaginations.  I love this picture of childhood play. The children love it as well. Barbara Cooney provides illustrations that really capture the feel of this book.

These were just a few highlights of this week’s reading. What has been in your read aloud basket?

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