Crocodiles, dark basements and grumpy camels…

Intrigued? Confused? Concerned? No worries. This is just a glimpse in our reading aloud this week.  From the living room floor to the comfy couch, we have been traveling, learning and enjoying!

We are still slowly working through The Hobbit and chuckling with Anne of Avonlea. I need to find a bit more time to devote to The Hobbit or we will never finish! I am feeling pressure to speed it up a bit as we have Mary Emma and Company (Little Britches series) that some are eager to enjoy.

Hannah and I finished up My Father’s Dragon and jumped into a D’Aulaire’s Benjamin Franklin. We are breaking it into chunks and have a few more days before we are done.

Rudyard Kipling is our current poet. I grabbed Poetry for Young People: Rudyard Kipling . Today we happen to read about grumpy camels and how to cure those grumpies. Nothing like a bit of work to get rid of the grumpies.

After seeing The Dark at Hope is the Word, I grabbed it at the library last week.  Not sure that it will make the favorites list but was a quick, enjoyable read.

We also enjoyed Crocs; a fun story about moving away from city critters to only end up with crocodiles in your house.  Rhyming text and funny illustrations made this a hit with Sarah, 5. She giggled through the whole book.

I love when I find a hidden treasure on the library shelves.  Grandpa Green is one of those fun finds.   Green’s great-grandson is telling the story of his old, forgetful great grandpa.  Grandpa Green has a unique way of remembering the important things.  Everyone enjoyed this one. In the words of a 3 year old literary critique, “I like Grandpa Green”. Check your library and enjoy!

What have you been reading this week?

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