Conquering Mt. Laundry

Over the years and as our family has grown, we have shifted how we handle laundry. What method worked last year might not be cutting it now.  I noticed it might be time for a change in method. One moment the hampers in the laundry room were empty.  I walk by a bit later and apparently the laundry room regurgitated a month’s worth of laundry. Hmm, something fishy was going on.

Homemade Laundry Detergent is working amazingly well!

It didn’t take long to discover that some children were stashing dirty clothes in their rooms. Then they would all decide to put dirty (and clean) clothes in my nice empty hampers. Sweet, yes? Not so much. Clearly they were begging for laundry responsibility to be placed on their shoulders.

A couple of cute reasons for dirty laundry.

The previous system was run by mainly one person and me as supervisor.  However, the system only worked efficiently if everyone  was kind enough to place their dirty laundry in the hampers. Now our system is that each bedroom has a hamper; my bedroom has two. Hampers consist of: boys’ room hamper and dad’s clothes, two girls’ rooms plus Martha’s and mine.  We instituted Boys’ Laundry Day and Girls’ Laundry Day.

Martha helping on Girls’ Laundry Day

I know. This has totally rocked your laundry world. I know.  They each get about 2 days per week for laundry. This includes tossing their bed sheets in the wash as well.  Lydia, 9, is now taking over the younger girls’ laundry.  Caleb handles not only Sam’s and his but he gets his dad’s clothes as well. That is a great motivator. His dad might be just a bit upset if he has no clean socks.

Sam – An adorable contributor to  dirty laundry.

Having a boys’ and a girls’ laundry day also makes folding and putting away much more efficient.  It has been a great way, as well, to pass the responsibility to children who could handle it.  So far we are giving this laundry system two thumbs up.

A really big lizard. It has nothing to do with laundry. He could be our mascot? The Laundry Lizard.

That is a good thing.  With ten people in the house, we can quickly pile up a good stash of laundry!  Add in that we are not using a super capacity machine, well, a good system is a must!


What is your method for handling laundry?

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