What’s in the Basket?

Despite having a bit of a cold, I am trying to stay diligent with our reading aloud. Thankfully, Hannah is happy to keep my water cup full so I can keep my throat wet.

We are still working our way through The Hobbit and Anne of Avonlea.  Slow and steady, right? I need to work a bit harder to get an extra chapter in during the day. Hannah and I are reading Elmer and the Dragon and finished up Benjamin Franklin today. (Lydia often joined in for those.) Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have a new read aloud from the library for Hannah (and whoever else wants to listen in).

From the Picture Book Basket we enjoyed new and old.

Petite Rouge:  A Cajun Red Riding Hood by Mike Artell – I read this a few years ago. Over and over again.  It is the classic Red Riding Hood tale but it set in rhyming text with a Cajun twang.  A crocodile gets a bit hungry and decides that Petite Rouge would be just right.  You can’t help but smile and enjoy this story!  Reading it in your best Cajun twang is a must; even if your children roll in laughter at your first attempts. However, it is available on audio at our library and is great to play the CD and follow along. It can also work well for an opportunity to share a bit of Cajun culture.

Our new find was The Flyaway Pantaloons by Joseph Sharples and illustrated by Sue Scullard.   The story is told in rhyming voice from the perspective of the pantaloons.  My children were chuckling on the first page. Not only is the rhyming text engaging but the illustrations are vibrant with color and details. As we follow the pantaloons on their flyaway journey we also get a glimpse of life during the Renaissance and finding the owner of the pantaloons on each page.  It has been enjoyed several times. Even my 3 year old loves to look at the beautiful illustrations.

What is in your basket this week?


One thought on “What’s in the Basket?

  1. Anne of Avonlea? Oh, my. I LOVE it! I hold all the Anne books so dear that I can’t bring myself to read them aloud just yet, not even Green Gables. Crazy, I know. 😉

    That pantaloons story sounds funny! A bonus is we’re reading about the Renaissance right now. I might have to look that one up!

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