The Sub Sandwich Maker

Recently I shared about passing down responsibilities to younger children.  One area that we have shifted down a job is to give Hannah the job of Making Daddy’s Lunch.  Eddie almost always takes his lunch to work. The meal is easy to put together; sub sandwich, fruit, drink, etc.

Hannah willingly volunteered to make Eddie’s lunch so I walked her through the steps and she was ready to go.  She remembers that he likes a hint of red onion on his sub and prefers spinach over lettuce. No worries on the sub getting smashed. She packs it perfectly every time.

Not only has she learned how to make a yummy sub sandwich but this job has encouraged her love of serving. She delights in making daddy’s lunch. He often finds a note that she slips in his cooler. It is a blessing to others in the home who can move on to a different task instead of lunch making. A servant heart is a beautiful thing.

Hannah has also encouraged within herself the act of diligence. Not only does she gather all the items and assemble the lunch, she also has to put everything back away and clean up the counter when she is done. The lunch has to be packed and ready at a certain time so she has to put aside what she might be doing to focus on this task.

Want a sub sandwich? Come on over! Hannah can whip you up one made to order.

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