Monday Art ~ The Googly Eye Edition

Our days start in a routine most of the time.  Everyone gets clothed and fed. A bit of tidying up happens. A few messes here or there get started. Such is life, right? Personally, I enjoy a nice, boring rut now and then. However, there was a problem or two wrong with our mornings.

One, life and school has been in a “check it off and move on” rut. While I don’t think all day has to be balloons and confetti, I do want learning to be fun, engaging and intriguing when possible.

Two, Mondays are rough.  I’m not sure why…we don’t have really hectic weekends. For whatever reasons, we like to sleep later and get up slower on Mondays. Pulling out the school books seems a bit harder on Mondays.

Sam’s artwork had a dramatic encounter. He is 3, lol.

Why not shake it up a bit? We start our “school day” all gathered at the table. We do Bible reading, memorization, read aloud from various books, vocabulary, etc. Activities vary on different days. I also deal with a good age span so it is fabulous when I have an activity that everyone enjoys across the board, um, table. I decided to make Monday the day for Monday Art. Creative, yes?

Sarah – 5. The cutest ladybug I have seen in forever!!

What is Monday Art? Monday Art is where I find a fun art activity that allows everyone to imagine, create and engage at their own level. Sam, 3, and Bekah, 14, can both enjoy it but will have totally different outcomes.

Hannah, 7. Giant caterpillar and a mouse. The mouse has the cutest mouth and he dropped his cheese.

Our first Monday Art was a success!  I gave them a piece of white cardstock with two sets of googly eyes glued on. That was it.  I told them to draw a picture that incorporated the eyes. No rules or restrictions.

Lydia – 9. Oh, my. Who does not love cute frog pictures? Simply sweet!

They were all eager to jump in and create. Wow. They are much more creative than I would have been! They really thought outside of the box. No two pictures were alike. All were creative and well done. All made me smile. Everyone had fun and we may have to do this again in a few months.

Caleb – 11. Does this just not scream boy? Love it!

Need a brain break in the middle of tough lessons? Looking for a fun art activity? See what your children can create with a couple pairs of googly eyes and an imagination!

Mary – 13. Elephants? I would never have though of this! The tree is lovely. Very detailed. Mom elephant even has painted nails.

What quick, fun art projects do your children enjoy?

Rebekah – 14. So creative! Light from the moon. Light from a flashlight. Well done!


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