Trash or Treasure

Imagination and creativity starts early. What you see as trash can become your little one’s treasure.

We use these small bags of chips to toss in Eddie’s lunch when he has to be away for work.  The box was empty and well, who can ignore a box? Or a Not-a-box?

Be careful….those little ones are always watching. Or playing a really funny game of peek-a-boo.

I guess this means that I let my children play with trash? Giggle. Boxes such as these sit by the trash can until Caleb does his “trash check” throughout the day. It never fails that someone finds the boxes too hard to resist.

Look at that concentration…that focus…the wheels of that mind learning and engaging. It is a beautiful moment. So, yes,I let my children play with the trash. It is their treasure.

Sam just built the coolest house ever, right? How could I not capture it! Great job, Sam!

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