Logistics….also known as…

“Hey, honey, the house arrangement isn’t working for me. Can we shift some things around? ”

I love the freedom to arrange the rooms around that best suit our needs. After growing frustrations of too many things not having a proper home, I suggested that we do a bit of room shifting. Thankfully, my love of re-arranging has come from many years with Eddie. He loves a good change.

Martha puts her own spin on fashion.

This morning the fun began. I have amazing children who totally rock it when things have to be moved. With much laughter and silliness, all the major items were relocated to new homes. My living room looks like a bomb exploded but we will deal with that tomorrow!

Bekah has been busy knitting up some beards They come is so handy, right?

Hopefully we will finish up tomorrow and I can share with you about ice cream, how our state study is going and some curricula that we have loved! Hope you had a Happy Tuesday!

Sisterly love.

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