Curriculum 2013 – 2014 ~ Ninth Grade

Each new “school year” goes by and since we homeschool year round I normally don’t share what we are using.  There is no official starting or stopping date; we just flow from one to the next. A first time for everything, right?

This is Bekah’s studies for the coming year – Ninth Grade:

Year 10 of Ambleside Online – We have always used a literature approach in our history studies. This year I decided to finally jump in and use Ambleside.  Bekah is enjoying her studies and is thriving.  Year 10 covers the 1800s with history, biographies, essays, literature, geography, worldview and more.


 Math – Saxon Algebra 1

ScienceApologia’s Physical Science

Bible/Christian Studies – Personal Bible reading and family devotions. She is currently reading Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer.  Other selections such as The Attributes of God by Pink will follow.

Memory Work and Recitation – Scripture, poetry, etc ranging in length and difficulty. (I’ll update when I get her final selections.)

Choir – local homeschool choir

Life Skills – No set studies as of yet.

Bekah also studies poetry, art, and music. She enjoys knitting, drawing and reading in her free time. She also has a blog that she will be working on this year as well.

Since Bekah’s school load is a bit heavier than in previous years, we created a checklist to help her spread the work over the week without being overwhelmed.

I’ll update as any changes are made. Transitioning to high school has been an exciting time!



**There are no affiliate links in this post. I”m just sharing what we use and what works for us.



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