The Big Kids ~ Then and Now

Tonight we were over at a friend’s house for dinner. As I was sitting and enjoying the conversation, I looked across the room and saw my three big girls sitting on the couch together. For a moment, it took my my breath.  Time seems to be passing by more quickly each day.

I remember when I had just little ones.The teenage years seem so far away. It is as if I turned around and they grew up while I wasn’t looking. How did they do that? How did that instantly grow up to be these lovely young people that bring such joy to my day?

Caleb, Bekah, Mary and Lydia – 2005

To the mom of little ones:

Savor it.  These days of little sleep and potty training. Enjoy the moments. Rock your babies. Cuddle up for book after book after book. Make playdough.  Read the Word to them.Treasure the endless energy and sticky fingers. Do not grow weary.  Sit on the floor and play Candyland.  Sing the silly songs.

Caleb, Bekah, Mary, Lydia – 2013

To the mom of older ones:

Savor it. Maybe sleep is interrupted for late night talks. Enjoy this time of sharing and knowing one another. Sit up late and watch a movie together. Read their favorite books. Make playdough (you know it’s fun!). Read the Word with them. Treasure this time.  Have the difficult discussions. Encourage them to learn and grow. Do not grow weary. I’d still sing a silly song or two. Just because.

I’m both. I have older ones and little ones. I wouldn’t change a thing. My world is beautiful. Take time, momma, to enjoy the beautiful moments whether your child is little or big. The moments are flying……

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