A Temporary Pet

A couple of weeks ago, the children were outside and needed more branches, logs and sticks to finish their front yard creations. Thankfully, we live near a wooded area so there is no shortage of supplies. While they went in search of wood, they came back with a temporary pet: a turtle.

We enjoyed watching the turtle explore the deck and hand feeding him a snail was attempted. Mr. Turtle was held and petted and kept from dangerous areas of the deck. There were a few votes to keep Mr. Turtle as a permanent resident but Mr. Turtle really needed to be doing his job in the woods.

Observing Mr. Turtle made for a fun afternoon. It is always exciting to see the beauty and uniqueness in God’s creation. Handsome fella, isn’t he? While Sam insisted that the turtle’s name was Abracadabra, I think he definitely looks like a Fred.

Do you have any friendly visitors show up at your house?

5 thoughts on “A Temporary Pet

  1. Oh, how fun! My boys would love to have a turtle! We did find two baby bunnies in our window well today, but were able to catch them and release them back into the yard!

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