And life happens….

I had this funny thought. I thought that this week, yes! this week, I would get us all back on track with life. The simple things like a school and cleaning.

What was I thinking? Life is not normal or on track. Life is flexing and bending and stopping and breathing.

Caleb was recovering well from his bone graft surgery (January 23rd) and we went in last week for a routine post op visit. There was a bit of bone protruding from the incision site that was preventing healing so Dr. T wanted to see Caleb again.

We went yesterday and today we were back in the OR. Yep. Dr. T does not wait around. With travel for the upcoming two weeks, Dr. T did not want to put removing the protruding bone off. I am so very thankful for his experience and wisdom.

It appears that the bone graft has not “taken”. The bone grafted in did not connect and receive blood flow as it should have. This means that the bone has died.

Now we let Caleb heal and recover. We wait about six months and see how things are. It is highly probable that we will be doing the bone graft again in the fall. Not the best news to hear when you haven’t even finished recovering from the first bone graft.  God is faithful. So thankful that He worked it so the dead bone could be removed before the surgeon was gone for two weeks.

If that wasn’t enough to throw off the first half of the week, it appears that we are going to be snowed in for the remainder. Our area of the south got a bit more snow than was expected. It came fast and hard!

The children enjoyed it this afternoon and are already making plans for tomorrow. Plans for playing in the snow; not plans for math or laundry duty. Ahem.

Even God was in the arrival of the snow. We were able to get home from Caleb’s surgery before the snow came. Otherwise we could have been stuck on the road for hours. Perfect timing!

Now to take a deep breath. Adjust the plans for the rest of the week. Step back and see what God has in store for us!

How is your Wednesday going?

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