When School Comes to Life

One of the beautiful moments in homeschool is when the lessons, books, people that we are studying come to life. It is a wonder to see the children’s reaction – their excitement, interest, and desire for more.

Two books are currently being read aloud in our home for nature study/science. Burgess Animal Book is being read to Sarah and Sam. This is a delightful read where we venture into the world of Peter Cottontail and his unquenchable curiosity. We are learning not only about rabbits and hares but all of the other animals that live in the woods with Peter. Well, I often find a few more listeners when I am reading  this aloud.

To Lydia and Hannah, I have been reading Pagoo by Holling C. Holling. A delightful look into the world of a hermit crab. As we see and learn how Pagoo grows and changes, we also learn about the other water creatures that live along side of Pagoo. And again…..I usually have more than Lydia and Hannah gathered around when I begin to read.

So how have these books come to life? They have come to life right outside our backdoor into the woods which has a small creek running through it. We were blessed this past week with gorgeous weather that beckoned us outside to enjoy an adventure or two.

The children have great plans to build forts. One fort, utilizing nature’s work, is underway. This area of overgrowth (which the children call brambles) is quickly becoming a fort. They are clearing out a bit here and there to make it roomy enough. Furniture using what the woods have to offer is being constructed. Not exactly the home Peter Cottontail might have had in the bushes and brambles but I think even Peter might enjoy this house.

While playing in the creek building a bridge for the younger ones to cross easily, a not so adorable creature was discovered: crawfish. We have read about them as we have learned about Pagoo. Over dinner we discussed this crawfish the children found. It appeared his body was soft so he must have recently molted his old shell. Ah, when we read Pagoo next, we are going to have a great visual of what it means when he sheds his old self as he grows.

Beautiful sunshine, fresh air, woods, creeks, and not so cute creatures…..God’s creation becoming our school room. It is a beautiful moment when school comes to life. How has school come to life in your home this week?

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