What Not to Do Monday

Hopefully as we make mistakes in life we learn from them. Sometimes we might even learn from others mistakes. I am going to share with you a little What Not to Do so perhaps you can benefit from my momentary lapse of reason.

I wear contacts. I love my contacts. Today, however, is the third consecutive day of wearing glasses. Broken glasses, I might add. Nice. Why would someone who loves her contacts have on glasses? Hmmm….

Friday morning I put in my contacts and noticed that my eye felt a little irritated. After a bit the irritation went away so I assumed that I had a little piece of dirt or something in my eye. No worries. I went out Friday night for a women’s mentoring meeting and got home a bit late. (Trust me…a bit late covers how late it was. Ahem.) When I went to take out my contacts, my eye was bloodshot. Seriously red and clearly irritated. I knew this was not a good thing but was confident that Saturday would bring a lovely, clear eye.

Ever been wrong? Yeah, me too. My eye was a bit swollen, skin was splotchy in areas around my eye, and it felt a bit itchy. My darling husband encouraged me to go and get it checked then. We headed out. As we sat in the urgent care parking lot, I mentioned just waiting a day or two. Perhaps just grabbing some eye drops would be enough to flush out the irritant and I’d be fine.

This, folks, was my mistakes. Do not do this. If your husband has you at the doctor, trust his judgement. I should have been seen. You really don’t want to play around with your eyes; especially if you are like me and love your contacts.

As Saturday progressed, my eye did not feel any better. I was wearing my glasses, applying compresses for comfort, and praying that Sunday would bring my clear, blue eyes back.

Um, it didn’t happen. Sunday brought an eye that was almost swollen shut and patches of blisters on my eye, near my eye, on my forehead…. yeah. Eddie took one look at me Sunday morning and said that it appeared to him to be poison ivy. Around my eye.

We have poison ivy all around where we live. There is no way to rid ourselves of this horrible plant. It is everywhere. Everywhere. I have children who like to play in the woods. I can only surmise that I got it off their clothes or something. I love my children. I do.

With the thought of poison ivy around my eye, I was not going to delay heading to the doctor on Monday. Urgent Care opened at 8am and I was the second patient to go back. I think Wendell (my hilarious nurse practitioner) found my rash quite impressive. If you are going to do something, do it right! Thankfully the poison ivy is not in my eye. It has just fortified itself around the eye.

However, with a prescription of steroids and an antihistamine on my side, I am determined to win! I am hoping that the steroid works quickly to bring some relief. My glasses sit right on a patch of the rash. Can we say irritating?

Here is your What Not to Do ~ Monday Edition: if you notice something odd going on around your eyes, do not delay in having it checked. If your husband has you in the parking lot of the doctor’s office, do not talk him out of your need to be there. Finally, even if you don’t wear your glasses often, do not ignore the needed repair. It could happen that you actually have to wear them one day.


If you have a What Not to Do story to share, I’d love to hear it!

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