Sticky Fingers…Happy Faces

Back in the day when I only had 3 children, I invested in a simple preschool program that I used for Bekah and Mary. We had a lovely time sitting on the floor discussing the calendar, weather, and singing the Days of the Week song. I’m sure that Caleb soaked up tons of information as he rolled around on the floor. It was a sweet, sweet time that I will treasure.

Now over ten years later, I still have little ones but our “preschool program”  has changed a bit. I ditched the formal preschool program years ago and take a more laid back approach. They run outside, dig in the dirt, pick flowers, and explore. They are read to often. I read to them, their siblings read to them, and they even “read” to each other. They build and create with wooden blocks and Legos. It seems they always have an adventure for their peg dolls.

While there are no fancy, pre-assembled preschool kits waiting on the shelves, they do have free access to glue, scissors, markers, crayons, tape, and paper. At the table (and with a bit of supervision for the really young ones with the scissors) they are free to cut, glue, and color to their hearts content. Naturally, when the older ones are doing school is right when they want to join us at the table. The hardest part is not the mess the little ones make but trying to keep the older ones focused and on task.

A few weeks ago, the little ones were asking for “school work”. No problem. I grabbed some paper, scissors, and glue. With a moment or two of prepping (and some help from Big Sis Sarah) the little ones had sticky fingers and happy faces.

We glued small pieces of paper to make letters and shapes. If they wanted, they were welcome to free style it. I love how focused Martha is on her glue bottle. She grabbed the one glue bottle that is the hardest to squeeze glue from. She worked hard and never got frustrated. So, so precious!!


Have little ones that you need to keep busy during school time or dinner prep? Want to let your preschoolers have some hands on learning fun? On a tight budget and need frugal ideas for your little guys? Then grab some paper and glue and let the fun and learning begin. In a flash you will have sticky fingers and happy faces. ( You might even find that you want to play with the glue, too!)

What are your little ones learning and creating? I’d love to hear all about busy hands, little hands at your house!

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