Random Thoughts and Reflections…

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I know that it is not a day of celebration for some…it can be a day of sorrow, loss, remembrance. Perhaps arms have never held a child of their own, it could be that the loss of a child is still tender and fresh, and the loss and remembrance of a mom can make this day is May so hard. My heart hurts for dear friends facing the pain that tomorrow will bring them.

As tomorrow approaches, I feel a bit guilty? Maybe that is not the right word. For me, tomorrow isn’t a big day. I’m not expecting a vase of flowers or fancy chocolates, or shiny, sparkly jewelry. I plan to get up and whip up a quick breakfast, wake the masses, and do the Sunday Church Shuffle to get us out the door on time.

And honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Do I think mothers and motherhood should be celebrated? Yes. As my husband likes to say “Every day is Mother’s Day”. I joke back that he is so wrong. But he’s not far off actually.

Several days a week, I have the cutest little deliver folks bringing flowers to my desk. I am blessed, so blessed, to be able to stay home with my children. I have seen the first steps, heard the first words, and captured the first smiles.

I have kissed boo boos, watched my child taken to the OR, and spent many nights rocking little ones to sleep. I have felt kicks and wiggles….#10 is kicking right now. I have held a precious one in my arms that was gone too soon. I have watched the cute little toddlers become beautiful young ladies.

Tomorrow will appear as any other Sunday. There could be nothing more beautiful. I will sit in church worshiping the Savior surrounding by a family I never dreamed of having. I’ll glance at them and we will share a smile, a waggle of eyebrows, or a wink. I can think of no better way to have a fabulous Mother’s Day.

And I’ll call my mom, of course. *smile* Or she might enjoy a call from the grandkids more. *giggle*



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