Oops? I Spoke too Soon?

Life is anything but predictable, right?

This morning I woke up and jumped in the shower. Mom pulls rank and calls dibs on first shower. Every day; not just Mother’s Day.  Then I headed to the kitchen to begin the Sunday Morning Shuffle.

Instead of finding one or two children reading books and waiting for me on the couch, I had people at the table. Did someone else get up and cook breakfast?

Unfortunately, no. However, imagine my surprise when I saw a gorgeous flower arrangement on my dining room table and a card. Eddie totally threw me for a loop!!!

They are beautiful, yes? I’m not a roses kind of gal. Daisies are my favorites and a bouquet like this makes me heart sing. So bright and vibrant. I love them!

Not only did he make a late night run so that I would be surprised but he found the cutest card ever. It sings to me and I smile every time I play it. The little ones and I have had enjoyed it all afternoon. (Not only did he do a late night run but then he had to do a late night search for a vase. He finally gave up and used this pitcher that was stashed away. He even found a missing kitchen knife!)

We did the Sunday Morning Shuffle. I made breakfast. Last minute ironing took place. Everyone found matching shoes and hair was all in place. We had a beautiful worship service and I passed smiles, waggled some eyebrows, and held little hands. I have beautiful pictures and scripture drawn by my children. Maps that lead me to Candy Island and have the Bad Guy Island clearly marked were given to me. And I’m enjoying some unexpected loveliness with my beautiful flowers. Perhaps even more beautiful because they were unexpected and a total surprise.

After eighteen years, the man not only spoils me but manages to surprise me as well. I am blessed.

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