Examinations for Term 1 – Done!

This year we made a switch in curriculum for Bekah. After some researching and looking at where she was academically and in her studies, I began using Ambleside Online’s Year 10 for her. This was a first of using straight Ambleside. In the past it has been more of a book list or reference for extra reading.

Bekah is an avid reader that reads at a depth I never did at fifteen. She enjoys classics such as Austen and Dickens. Books that are thought provoking are devoured. Her understanding and discernment is well developed. I was looking forward to seeing how she would handle Year 10.

Today was a big day (at least for me!). Bekah had completed the first twelve week term of Year 10 and we tackled the Examination. She had been a bit nervous about it but her feelings were quickly put at ease. It was a delightful time of chatting about all she had read and learned in the past few months.

Ambleside Online provides examinations for each term of each year. I simply pulled the examination from online, added and deleted questions based on our personal tweaks, and then found a comfy spot to discuss.

Some of the questions stumped Bekah at first but she quickly recalled the person or event and was able to share. Bible, history, geography, literature and more were covered in the examination. It was better than any fill-in-the-circle test out there. There is no right or wrong answer. As Bekah reads The Great Democracies by Churchill, what she gleans from that book will be totally different from what I may take away from it. It is interesting to see her perspective on life, God, history, and more.

I decided not to cover subjects such as math or science during this examination. We also were not diligent on art or composer study. We will tweak it a bit more heading into this next term and add some of these in. I’m glad I made the decision to omit some of these areas for the first term. Shifting the way I had the children grouped for learning was challenging for me so I didn’t want to overwhelm either of us.

Bekah is enjoying a bit of a break this week. Monday will begin Term 2 of Year 10. I am finalizing some books selections and scheduling a bit. A couple of the books may be a week or two late in being added to the line up. I think it is going to be a great term!



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