Seating Arrangements and the Large Family

While in my mind, we don’t seem like a large family, I’m sure to the outside world we may appear so. Large families share some common issues. Issues like mountains of laundry, shoes, coats, library books, and cups. Yes. Cups. We have a rule about labeling your cup but it sometimes happens that we have a dishwasher rack full of cups. One day of beverage consumption can yield quite the number of dirty cups.

But I digress…today I want to share with you a bit about seating arrangements. I guess seating arrangements isn’t the major issue. We have plenty of places to sit and often the youngest want to sit on the floor. The real issue is the teaching of proper seating etiquette.

It happens. After a few children, you become a more relaxed parent. Right? Maybe you no longer sanitize the pacifier, eating dirt isn’t a reason to call poison control, and you don’t teach your children how to sit.

Apparently this has happened in our home and I was living in ignorance. My children do not seem to understand which body part belongs on the couch. The concept of personal space while sitting is challenging, as well.  Even when at the piano, they don’t quite grasp the “sit up” concept. I think we are going to have to get diligent on this! It might even be worse than I feared. I actually saw one of my kiddos jumping off the couch.

Large family problem, in deed! Do you have the same large family problem?

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