Late Night Thoughts

Ok, so it really isn’t late. It is not even 10pm so I suppose for most people, it is definitely not late. After a busy weekend and a day with tired little ones, it feels late night to me. *insert yawn because, well, I just yawned*

Here are a few of my late night rambling thoughts:

*There are so many great blogs out there is the blogosphere. Moms that have wisdom and insight to share. They have been there and done it or they are deep in the midst and the Lord has given them the ability to share with others. Managing life and children and homeschool can be challenging, overwhelming, and exhausting. How great to be able to glean from others on how to have a Morning Time or teach multiple age levels together. Here is the kicker. If you are spending time reading all these wonderful ideas, suggestions, inspirations but don’t have things flowing in your home, what is the benefit? I ask because I have been there and sometimes still am. I struggle with the thought that “there has to be a better way”. Guess what? At some point, you have to stop the researching and just do it. Will it be perfect? Um, no. Will you quickly realize a change that needs to happen in that lovely schedule? I can almost guarantee it. But ya got to start somewhere.

*I have the cutest kiddos ever. I do. I’m biased, I admit. However, I do have the cutest kiddos.

*Having a daughter who is almost 16 scares me. Not because of those dreaded teenage years. I love the teenage years. She is a delightful young adult. Adult. In a few years, she could be out of our home. While I enjoy watching her grow and mature, there will be a hole left when she moves on. She is a delight. I’m going to have to do this several times. I have a feeling that it is not going to get easier with each child.

*An ice cream cone enjoyed during the late night hours, when the house is still and quiet, is a pretty amazing thing.

*My children get excited over the simplest of things. This afternoon I found a small picture frame not in use. So I decided to take a piece of cardstock and cut it to fit the frame. I wrote on it “Today’s Verse” and stamped a flower on it. I made a simple dry erase frame for a short verse to be written each day. I think I’ll let each child have a turn at sharing a verse. Not to memorize (unless they want to) or to use as copywork (unless they want to); just a simple way to enjoy and share God’s Word in our home.

*I could totally go for another ice cream cone. But I won’t. Basically because I ate the last cone.

*We spent Saturday enjoying JAARS Day. I can’t wait to share more of that with you this week.

For now, I think I’m going to grab a book and do a bit of reading before bed. I have a feeling that tomorrow might be busy.

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