Mister Cuteness is 3 Months Old!

Three months!! Three months old and Ezra is still the main attraction. He is laughing, chatting, and drooling all the time. Can we say Happy Baby?

He is a chunk and weighing in over 14lbs. It has been a few years since we had a chunky baby! He is a charmer.

I thought we might try doing his photo shoot outside but you can tell what he thought about that idea. I think the sun was just a bit too bright. We will try it again in a few months when he can sit up on his own, I think.

He really loves to sit up all the time. He likes the view of all that is going on around the house. Because what is better entertainment than you four year old brother? Sam is the best baby toy ever!

So hard to believe three months have already gone by. We love you, Ezra!

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