The Week of Surgery in the Fast Lane. Again.

Earlier this year, Caleb had a bone graft done to close the cleft still remaining in his gum. However, the graft did not take and we knew a second surgery would take place later this year. I have to say that when Dr. T says Caleb is ready for surgery, time is not wasted!

Monday, Caleb had an orthodontist appointment. The current phase was to shift teeth to a better position to allow Dr. T to better work the bone graft. Dr. K (ortho) felt things were looking good and called Dr. T up to take a peek. Dr. T agreed.

So Tuesday Caleb had his pre-op appointments and x-rays. Surgery was Thursday morning. See what I mean? Surgery in the fast lane.

The surgery went well, thankfully. It was a bit more challenging as scar tissue was an issue from the previous surgery this year. Everything looks great and Caleb only had an overnight stay.

Our week didn’t quite goes as plan. Everyone had to flex and go with the flow. The other kiddos did great with the flexing and flowing but I think we are all looking forward to a slow week. I am looking forward to sleep.

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “The Week of Surgery in the Fast Lane. Again.

  1. How is his pain, Sharon? I know those donor sites can really be sore post-op.

    My week? Semi busy, painful, but I think with some answers in relation to that pain. It’s all good!

    • Beth,
      He is doing ok pain wise. The hip does hurt but he learned from the last surgery. The best thing he can do is to keep moving. Swelling is up and tomorrow will likely be a bit worse but then it improves greatly.

      Would love to hear more about what you have found out about your pain!

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