In the Rain

I checked my calendar. Not for a forgotten appointment or to confirm a play date. I checked my calendar because I was a bit concerned that today was Monday. I’ve a had a few of them this week. I’m sure you have a had a week such as this, right?

I thought it might be a Monday because I overslept, we were out of toilet paper, the baby required three diaper changes in the span of about fifteen minutes, and my two-year old wanted confirmation that we truly do have a no whining policy in the house.

I did the only thing this mom of nine could do; I pulled the “I’m taking a shower NOW card.” Thankfully my two oldest were up (thank you wonderful, precious Mary for already having breakfast underway) and my husband was working from home a few hours this morning. I had a really nice shower. Go, mom.

Now that I could function, I headed out to the store with an adorable four year old stowaway. Excellent way to kick an imposter Monday to the curb. Cute four year olds who love to talk are outstanding. I did find out that, sadly, Sam does not have xray vision. Bummer. I was counting on that for room checks later.  As we chatted on the way home I knew exactly what I needed. A nature walk. If experience proves right, a nature walk is what we all needed.

I grabbed a quick breakfast (I will not even tell you what time it was at this point) and told everyone to get shoes on. We were going on a walk. You might have heard the cheers of “no math!!!” and the mighty thundering of little feet.

We took the long way to the park. And just a few feet down the road I felt a drop. Then another. The rain that I had hoped would not come quite yet was coming. To the delight of my children, I ignored it.

Some days demand a walk in the rain. Playing at the park in the rain. Giggling with sisters in the rain. Digging up rocks in the rain. Oh, yes, we did. The rain came and went. We got a bit wet. We also got fresh air and a cool breeze. We got to savor God’s glorious and beautiful creation in all its fall wonder. Oh, the colors!! Amazing artistry He has given us!

It was a Monday no more. The days can get so crazy. The to do list quickly gets long. The daily tasks can seem so tedious. Sometimes you just have to put on your shoes and walk in the rain. Delight in every drop.

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