Armchair Cybils – November 2014 Readings

Armchair Cybils, hosted by Amy at Hope is the Word,is underway. I am thoroughly enjoying participating this year and have found several books I would have normally overlooked or missed. Not only do I enjoy reading children’s literature, I happen to have a houseful of children to share with. I’ve tried to dabble across the board with the nominations so my selections have been from picture books to young adult books. Here is what I have read so far….

Fiction Picture Books::

  • Flashlight – Lizi Boyden
  • This is a Moose – Richard T. Morris
  • The Book With No Pictures – B. J.Novak
  • Telephone – Mac Barnett
  • Sparky – Jenny Offill
  • Shhh! We Have a Plan – Chris Haughton
  • Quest – Aaron Becker
  • Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine – Gloria Whelan
  • Peggy: A Brave Chicken on a Big Adventure – Anna Walker
  • Mix It Up! – Herve Tullet
  • Maple – Lori Nichols
  • Froodle – Antoinette Portis
  • Brimsby’s Hats – Andrew Prahin

I hope to get at least a few reviews posted but I do have a few quick thoughts. The Book With No Pictures wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. The kiddos were not interested in reading it twice.  Telephone was loved and my two year old “reads” it on her own. It is a fun read! My six year old says that Brimsby’s Hats is her favorite and it is a delightful story. You should check it out. Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine is great for adding in a bit of fun history for your younger ones. I imagine a few older children might sneak in to listen. Maple is a simply sweet read. Sparky wasn’t engaging to my crowd. You must get Mix It Up! for your toddlers/ preschooler. Flashlight has illustrations that will have your children scanning every page. And more to come, I’m sure!

Middle Grade Fiction:

  • Hope is a Ferris Wheel – Robin Herrera
  • Nest – Esther Ehrlich
  • The Secret Hum of a Daisy – Tracy Holczer
  • Revolution – Deborah Wiles

Here is quick thought for this category: Read The Secret Hum of a Daisy. After I read it, my girls (15, 14, and 11) all read it and all loved it as well. Beautiful story and you just might cry. Then read Revolution (and Countdown by the same author) because it is excellent! Excellent!

Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction:

  • A Snicker of Magic – Natalie Lloyd

I actually read this earlier this year before I was even thinking of the Cybils Awards. If you haven’t read it, then do. Love this book and we had a blast reading it aloud together. Not only is if fun but it is full of discussion.

Young Adult Fiction:

  • Breakfast Served Anytime – Sarah Combs

Looking over the nominations in this category is a bit depressing. I have children who would be in the target audience and we are just shaking our heads over some of the book summaries. Breakfast Served Anytime was not what I expected. I pushed through and finished it. I am going to find a couple more selections from the Young Adult Fiction….perhaps the result will be better.

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