The Boys of November

November is a fabulous month. So fabulous that we have five November birthdays. Five!

Sam and Caleb have back to back birthdays: November 11th and November 12th. They are very kind to me and choose to celebrate their birthdays together. Ok, Sam doesn’t really care as long as he gets cake. Caleb didn’t care as long as he got burgers for his birthday dinner. No problem.

Sam has hit the Big Five!

This guy is full of energy, silliness, wit, and even more energy. He is always in motion, always smiling, and always making us laugh. The past five years have gone by so quickly!!

Caleb is now 13!! Another teenager in the house!

Caleb is a wonderful young man. He is intelligent, witty, hard-working, and growing too fast. I am blessed to be his mom. He even humors me and kills bug without mocking me. I love him.

Happy Birthday to two of the most fabulous young men around.

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