Cybils Shortlist – 2014

The announcement of the Cybils finalists almost slipped by me this week. I have enjoyed all the reading I have done of the Cybil nominees. I was a bit sad that some of my reads didn’t make the cut for the finalists. Boo!

Fiction Picture Book Category

Of the seven books that made it into the finals, I read four. Brimsby’s Hat, Shh! We Have a Plan, Maple, and This is a Moose were all ready by me and shared with my kiddos. I think Brimsby’s Hats was the favorite among my kiddos but I really thought Maple was a sweet one. I hope one of those two will win.

I need to see if the library has the other three selections.

Middle Grade Fiction

It doesn’t appear that any of the books I read in this category made the cut to the finals. Revolution, Hope is a Ferris Wheel, I Kill the Mockingbird, Nest, The Secret Hum of a Daisy were all selections that I read. I’m a bit disappointed that a couple of these didn’t make the finals. However, this was my first year reading the Cybil nominees so maybe I’m odd in what I find worthy in a book.

I readily recommend Revolution, I Kill the Mockingbird, and The Secret Hum of a Daisy. Nest wasn’t received well by my girls but I see value in the story told. Personally I found Hope is a Ferris Wheel disappointing. I may try to squeeze in a selection from the Finalists but not sure any of them are calling my name.

Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction

In this category, I read A Snicker of Magic and The Night Gardener. Both of these became read alouds after my initial reading. Both were enjoyed by a variety of ages in our home. I was a bit surprised that The Night Gardener didn’t make it to the finals. With only reading two of the nominees, I didn’t have a clear picture of the competition nor did I read any of the finalists. I do have Greenglass House (a finalist) on my nightstand but not sure when I will get to read it.

A few of my children unknowingly have participated in the Cybils reading challenge. The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw, The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book IV: The Interrupted Tale, The Royal Ranger, and The Shadow Throne: Book Three of the Ascendance Trilogy have all made their rotation through the house.

Young Adult Fiction

This category was hard for me. I have two girls that fit this target audience for this area. It was sad to see some of the selections. Breakfast Served Anytime was the only nominee I read. I decided after that read that perhaps just staying out of the Young Adult nominees was the best option.

Elementary/Middle Grade Non-Fiction

Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic was the only nominee we read.We did enjoy this book but I wasn’t really expecting it to be a finalist.  I do have plans to go back and read several of these later. Time and availability at the library were an issue.


I am looking forward to seeing who wins in each of the categories! I need to hope over to Hope is the Word and see what others are saying about the finalists!

One thought on “Cybils Shortlist – 2014

  1. You read a lot! Most of what I read also didn’t make the final cut but having served as a judge last year I’ve realized that there are so MANY good books nominated that it is a really difficult process to narrow down 50-100 books (or more in the picture books category) to a list of seven.

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