Conversation and Current Events

Over the past year or so, my older students have been required to stay informed on current events. We can very easily allow our children to live with a narrow view; only interested or concerned about what is important to them. Studying current events provides many benefits – to help them to understand the role of people, the consequences of our actions, how events from history are playing a part in what is happening today, and what is happening right now across the world and at home.

When Current Events became a regular part of their requirements, the girls were not exactly excited. However, over time, I believe they are beginning to see the value in this area. They are becoming more aware of politics and government. They have shared in fun news such as the time capsule in Boston or the Queen of England’s procession to Parliament with all the royal fanfare.

My requirement for Current Events is very simple. At least three days a week, they need to read or watch the news. They have a journal where they write about an article or topic that they found interesting or thought provoking. Simple but effective. They often surpass the three day requirement. And of course, we must chat about it all, right?

For me, one of the top benefits of the study of current events is the conversations. This past week, one topic that came up in the news was President Obama’s plan to make two years of community college free to those who meet certain standards or requirements.

One of my girls shared with me about this proposal and pointed out valid reasons why she did not agree with this plan. Her thoughts were not random or frivolous. Her thoughts were well-formed and reasonable. We had a great conversation about college, students, expectations, diligence, work ethic, governments role in education, etc.

Here are a few of our Current Events resources:

I’m currently looking for a few more sites to add to our options above. If you have a reliable online news site, I’d love to hear about it.

I do recommend discretion when allowing your child to access different news media sites. Not all news sites are family friendly. Only my high school students have current events on their schedules for this reason. We have regular talks about how to handle inappropriate content that may be in view and media bias as well.

I do have plans to add current events for my middle school level children. My approach for that will be a bit different. I’ll share how we handle that once I have it implemented and see how well it flows.

Do your students stay up with current events? Do you?



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