Newbery Through the Decades – My 1930s Reads

My plan was to read two Newbery Medal Winners from the 1930s: Invincible Louisa: The Story of the Author of Little Women by Cornelia Meigs and Roller Skates by Ruth Sawyer for the Newbery Through the Decades Challenge. On a last minute whim, Honk, the Moose by Phil Stong, a Newbery Honor Book, caught my eye so I added it to my list. Time never quite plays out as I would like it to so not all three books were read.

I chose to read Honk, the Moose aloud to my children and it was a great call. A short read but full of humor as a town ends up with a pet moose. The whole family enjoyed Honk but I think by far my five year old son, Sam, adored it. He couldn’t wait for me to read it each day. It would also serve well as a chapter book for new readers; nice sized text, short chapters, colorful pictures, and a fun story line!

I read Invincible Louisa and found it a lovely picture of Louisa’s life and how she became the author of Little Women. I am finding a love for biographies. This one was shelved in the juvenile biographies but is written a style that is suited for an older reader. I would imagine that my daughters aged eleven and up could appreciate this biography.

I found it fascinating to learn all of the people that the Alcott’s knew such as Emerson and Hawthorne. I loved seeing how all these influences came to play out in her writing and life. The love that Louisa has for her family and her dedication to them was a resounding theme through this book. While I found that inspiring, I was also troubled by her father’s lack of motivation?  I am definitely adding Little Women to my to read pile. Perhaps my daughter will lend me her well worn copy?

I never did get to Roller Skates. It is still sitting on my desk but I think it shall go back to the library. I have several books underway and then I need to add in read alouds for school and pleasure. Then I have the Newbery 1940s selections to read……

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  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your cheerful comment.
    I love the older Newbery books too. I have had “Honk” on my wish list for a while since our library does not have it. I also like Louisa May Alcott(LMA) and read that biography when I was younger, but have not read it again, although I just finished a different one listed in my January Book List. Roller Skates is a great book and there is a sequel called “The year of Jubilo” which I just found on ebay but have not read yet.
    I hope you enjoy LMA’s books as much as I have, she wrote many others besides the Little Women and it’s sequel, Good Wives.
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