The Green Ember – #RabbitsWithSwords

“My place beside you, my blood for yours! Till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world!”

I must confess: I love a good children’s book.  Back in February I found The Green Ember by S. D. Smith and it quickly became a favorite in our home. How can you go wrong with rabbits, battles against wolves, hidden community inside a mountain, and good triumphing over evil?

The Green Ember is the story of Heather and Picket, sister and brother rabbits that live in  a quiet wood with their mother, father, and brother, baby Jacks. Life is pleasant and beautiful. Heather and Picket do not know what their parents have been protecting them from; they do not know that in a simple afternoon, life is going to change.

Heather and Picket return from picking berries to discover their home in flames and surrounded by wolves. Heather and Picket are suddenly running for their lives and find themselves at Cloud Mountain. A community of rabbits, hidden away, preparing for a new life; a life in the Mended Woods. Heather and Picket’s sheltered world comes crumbling apart when they learn about their past and exactly why they lived away from other rabbits. How will this change these two young rabbits? What challenges will they face? How will the handle it all?

“We sing about it. We paint it. We make crutches and soups and have gardens and weddings and babies. This is a place out of time. A window into the past and the future world. We are  heralds, you see, my dear, saying what will surely come. And we prepare with all our might, to be ready when once again we are free.”

Do not let me mislead you. The Green Ember is an exciting adventure! It truly is. It is also full of humor and delightful characters. Not only will your children be on the edge of their seats they will also be laughing. Ok, so will you. The Green Ember truly is a story for the whole family. It was enjoyed here from ages three and up. I will be honest and confess that the eight-month old really didn’t care about The Green Ember rising. You will, however, start wondering when the sequel is coming. There has to be a sequel.

“You can choose what you believe, Shuffler, but you can’t change what’s true.”

Why is The Green Ember such a great story? Rabbits with swords, of course. The spirit of the people that still fight for the kingdom even after it has fallen. It tells the story of redemption, sacrifice, and goodness. And for me, the fact that this story was born on a porch between a father and a daughter. S. D. Smith is an author who understands what makes a good story; that all ages can enjoy it.

Here are a couple of places you might enjoy. I know I like learning a bit about the author and the story behind the story.

A video about how The Green Ember came to be.

If you visit The Story Warren, you can listen to an hour of The Green Ember on audio.

Have you read The Green Ember? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Thank you for this very kind review. I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! I wonder if you would consider posting your review on Amazon?

    Again thanks so much! God bless you.


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