Nature Walk – Looking for Spring

One goal I have for this year is to be more purposeful in making nature walks a weekly event in our home. My children are outside at every opportunity so there is no concern of lack of exercise or fresh air. However, taking a walk or enjoying the outdoors for the purpose of focusing on nature, on God’s creation, has not been a priority. So this year I shared that goal with my children and they are helping me to stay accountable.

We live in the south and have been hit this winter with a bit more snow than is normal for us to see. Day after day of freezing temperatures, inch after inch of snow and ice, and then rain. And a bit more rain.

Even though we aren’t exactly equipped with proper snow clothing, we layered up and enjoyed the beautiful white, fluffy precipitation. Well, the children enjoyed the snow. I stayed inside cuddling a sick little one and dealing with all the extra changes of clothing.

But, at last! The sun came out and the temperatures went above freezing and the snow began to melt! We were so excited to see….mud. Lots and lots of mud because after the snow we have had a fair share of rain.

Mud is no problem. While taking a walk in six or so inches of snow was not feasible for us, we could handle walking in a bit of mud. We enjoyed a glorious day of sunshine and went on a hunt for signs of spring. We searched high. We searched low. Other than a few daffodils sharing a bit of green, there were not too many signs of spring.

We do not despair. Spring is coming. New life will arrive soon. The sun will shine. Flowers will bloom. We will delight in it. There is beauty in all seasons. We will walk again and perhaps find a bit more of spring.


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