We Were Tired of Living in a House – Read Aloud

Who doesn’t enjoy a day of adventure? With a bit of imagination, there is an adventure waiting…you just need to be tired of living in your house!

Three siblings, two brothers and a sister, pack up their bag with a few essentials: sweaters, socks, mittens, and earmuffs. A camera, fishing pole, and wagon might come in handy as well, right?

Enjoy a spot of tea high in a tree, sail down the river in a raft, seek shelter in a handy cave. Well, until the bear arrives. And on the adventure goes..

These three adventurers are full of imagination. As they go about their day, the bag they carry with them grows and grows and grows as they add a bit with each adventure. In the end, the happily return home after their exciting day!

I often check out reviews for books I read. I found it interesting when I read a few reviews for this book. First, I learned that the original version had different, superior illustrations. My library had the newest edition so I have missed out illustration wise. Boo!  Second, many reviews felt that the book dealt with children who were unhappy at home or wanted to live in a better place. Through the misadventures or disasters that occur as they seek a new home, the children learn that their home is the best place. Even that this book represents all of our longing for a better place to live.

This is not what my children and I gathered from this simple read aloud about childhood imaginations and adventures. This book is about a few siblings who know how to spend a day outside. They know how to imagine, to play, to explore.  Anyone who has climbed a tree that became the mast of a pirate boat, traveled to space in a box, or defeated a deadly dragon with a stick will enjoy We Were Tired of Living in a House.

One thought on “We Were Tired of Living in a House – Read Aloud

  1. Around this time of year, I get tired of living in a house too! I’m chomping at the bit to do a little grown up adventuring – getting to work on my garden and clearing out the outbuildings on our lot outside of town.

    From your description, it definitely *doesn’t* seem like the kids are unhappy or discontent at home – just wanted to get out of the house and go adventuring.
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