Wednesday with Words – The Light of Truth

I was reading from the section The Light of Truth from Parables of Nature and thanks to much discussion we were not able to finish. There was really so much to take from this reading!

The Will-o’-the-Wisp meets various travelers as they come to a miserable end. It seems that all the travelers are eager to cast blame on the Will-o’-the-Wisp for where they have found themselves.

“Always throwing blame on other for troubles you have brought upon yourself.”

My children were not familiar with Will-o’-the-Wisp so we did a bit of research so that they could better picture and understand what was happening to these travelers. As people are going down the road near marshy, swampy land, they see the flickering glow of this phantom light. Trusting in this flickering light to lead them to safety, the travelers blindly follow and the result is not a good one.

“You have mistaken the light that warned you of danger for the star that was to guide you safety.”

The above quote led to a deep discussion on the difference between a light warning you of danger and a light that is guiding you to safety. What may at first glance not seem that different is so crucial to understand!

I used the example of our backyard being full of broken glass. We discussed how I could warn them that the yard is covered in broken glass so they should be careful out there. It was on them to cross the yard safely. They needed to constantly be on guard looking for the glass so they didn’t get cut. They couldn’t just blindly walk across to where I was standing. What if I were standing right in the middle of the glass? My warning of danger did not give them safety. It just gave them the awareness to be careful.

If I were the star guiding them to safety, then I would come and take them by the hand and lead them through the yard avoiding the glass. They did not have to worry or be on guard. I was going to lead them.

So important for us to see the difference between the light of warning and the star of safety. If we do not know the True Light we can so easily be lead astray.


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