Nature Study – How Do We?

I have enjoyed sharing a few thoughts on Nature Study. To wrap it up, I wanted to hit on How We Do Nature Study. I know why we should make nature study a part of our week, I know the basics of what I need to get it done, and I know when and where I want to do nature study. But how do we do this nature study thing once we get out in nature?

Honestly, I have no idea if we are doing it correctly or not. This is what I know: My kiddos and I enjoy it. So perhaps I do not do it as others but that is ok. I refuse to stress.

As we walk, we see and discuss what is around us. We might pick a flower or two, chase a butterfly or just sit and enjoy. I always bring a blanket for us to sit and relax but it is not uncommon to find my children lying right on the grass or sitting in a tree or standing on a stump. I encourage them to just look. Find something that catches their eye. What is interesting to them? What do they find new or different from the last time we were here.

When they are ready, sketch books and pencils come out and they go to work drawing and sketching. So far we have been able to stay out doors and do our sketching. We are enjoying some gorgeous weather!  I know soon it will be hot and humid so we will adjust to sketching indoors if we must.

Is Nature Study happening perfectly? I seriously doubt it. I think we really need to work on identification of trees and plants and such. All that will come in time. The key is to just get started and build from there. So what are you waiting for? Go!

One thought on “Nature Study – How Do We?

  1. I don’t think there is a right way or a wrong way to do a nature study. I love the fact that you have the kids explore what is around them. I also like the fact that you bring your sketch books. They are drawing what they see. I loved seeing the sketches in the post you shared. We have a book called the Nature Connection and it lists ideas for months of the year. We often just spur of the moment go out and just take walks and look around. I sometimes have them draw things they have seen or things that interested them. We are going to explore new areas this spring/summer/and fall. I think just doing what the kids are happy with is fun enough for them and expand later 🙂
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