Houses, Pens, and Doughnuts – Picture Book Read Alouds

My younger ones and I are having such fun reading some great picture books! We always enjoy the classics and treasured favorites. However, there is something special about finding a good read hidden on the library shelf. Here are a few that we have enjoyed recently:

Home Carson Ellis ~ Everyone has a home. It could be the home of a Kenyan blacksmith, a wigwam, an apartment, or even a shoe. Clean or messy, tall or short, we all have a home. Even an artist has a home. Mrs. Ellis, illustrator for the Wildwood series, makes a stunning solo debut with this picture book. The text is so very simple but the illustrations are lovely. Hints of subtle colors spotted on black and grey pictures. If you pay attention as you read, you will find a bit of fun in the illustrations. My children really loved the illustrations and the creativity of Ellis.

My Pen – Christopher Myers – All you need is a simple pen and your imagination can come to life. This picture book was perfect for my children; even my not so little ones. My children love to draw. I have a few that love to draw with pen. I knew they would enjoy the idea behind this book. My Pen can ride dinosaurs and hide elephants in a teacup. My Pen is simple as a raindrop and can tell stories in the margins of a page. And My Pen doesn’t always get it right. This is naturally illustrated in pen and is black and white throughout. Simple but so well done. If you have an artist, they will surely appreciate this.

Please, Mr. Panda – Steve Antony – A panda bear and a box of doughnuts. How can you go wrong? This one was a hit all around. Mr. Panda has a box of delicious doughnuts. At every page he is offering to share. Penguin, skunk, whale and more are offered a doughnut to only be refused after they accept. Finally, a lemur gets not one doughnut but the whole box! Why? He said the simple word, “please”. With a kind “You’re welcome” as Mr. Panda leaves we discover he didn’t even like doughnuts. An excellent reminder of the power of good manners.  This one was read so many times! The illustrations suit the text perfectly. The animals are all black and white creatures set against a gray background. All the color comes from that yummy box of doughnuts. Had I thought ahead, we would have enjoyed doughnuts while reading this one. Only if you said “please”, of course.


What picture books have you been reading lately? What is your favorite doughnut. I’d love a chocolate frosted doughnut about now.

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