Read Aloud Thursday – April 2015

While we are reading our family read aloud every evening most days, I would love to get in a second read aloud time. I’m just not sure how to squeeze that in. Have to work with the time I have, right?

Several years ago I read The Wheel on the School aloud. I decided it was the perfect time to read this one for my younger children. My older ones enjoyed listening to it again and my younger ones thoroughly enjoyed their first time in Shora. This simple tale of a group of school children trying to bring storks to their small village is delightful. I love how the children and the eldest members of the village work together forming a beautiful friendship. The beauty in this book is the ability to dream and work toward a goal as well as the relationships that develop.

Our new family read aloud is Rascal by Sterling North.  It is well on its way to being a family favorite.

The Picture Book Basket has been full of a wide variety of books this month! I have shared in previous posts about: How to Bake a Book, Earmuffs for Everyone, Tiptop Cat, Snick, This Book Just Ate My Dog, Home, My Pen, and Please, Mr. Panda.

I have several more picture books to share about so keep an eye out. I’m working on them but can’t seem to get ahead! You know, because of all the reading going on here.

What have you been reading aloud this month?

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