Wednesday with Words – Cottage in the Woods

This week I have been reading The Cottage in the Woods by Katherine Coville. It began a bit slowly for me but is now an enjoyable read. One of the highlights for me has been the approach/outlook of the governess toward her charge, Teddy.

I was pleased to think that all the activities surrounding the frog had put the afternoon’s adventure right out of Teddy’s mind. Or so I believed. How easy it is to make light of the minds of the very young, as if their spirits were no more complicated than the simple games we give them to play, while all the time it is their perceptions that are keener and brighter, their memories more indelible, beckoning to them forever after.  p45


I gazed about me. Venerable oak columns soared skyward, topped by a many-layered canopy that tinged the muted light a silvery green. There was a momentary hush as we entered the woods, and, on Nurse’s signal, we went off the path and sat quietly down to wait. I marveled, briefly, that she should know of such a lovely place.

First one, then another, and then in chorus, the birds began chirping and trilling in the uppermost reaches of the foliage. I scattered some seed at a little distance from us to tempt them down to where we could see them, and then we waited. Within a few minutes, we were observing delightedly as the little jewel-toned creatures fluttered down and took turns feasting and chasing one another away from the banquet.  p85


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