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It is almost time to head back to the library to refresh our book basket. Before I forget some of the fun reads we have been enjoying, I thought I would share them here. You might want to grab a few to enjoy with your young ones.

Nana in the City (Lauren Castillo) – A young boy visits his Nana who lives in the city. The boy sees the city as loud, busy, and scary. His Nana should not live in the city! With the help of Nana and a special red cape, this young boy realizes that the city can be amazing and wonderful. The city is the perfect place for Nana to live and for him to visit. A sweet, simple book that highlights not only city life but the relationship of a grandmother and grandson.

Time for Bed, Fred! (Yasmeen Ismail) I must confess. I judged this book by the cover. Aqua and red coloring with a cute, little doggie? I had to grab it off the shelf. It did not disappoint. The clock strikes eight and it is time for bed, Fred. Fred is most definitely not ready for bed. Hiding in the flowers, jumping in the mud, and escaping from a bath are all antics of Fred to avoid bedtime. Once Fred finally heads to bed, he can’t seem to find the right bed to be in. Finally we have Fred sweetly dreaming in his own bed. My little ones loved Fred. Colorful, fun illustrations and simple, repetitive text will have your children reading along with you. Anyone who has ever tried to avoid bedtime will appreciate Fred’s efforts.

The Bus Ride (Marianne Dubuc) – You should request this one right now. My children LOVED this book. From eleven down to the three year old, they enjoyed this book so much. Clara is finally taking her first solo bus ride to see her grandmother. As she travels on the bus, she meets a cast of characters that make for a delightful and exciting ride. From a peek a boo playing turtle to a beaver with a giant box to a thief, every bus stop is something new. The illustrations really make this story come to life. Subtle details on each page capture the attentive eye of your children: one bus passenger is reading a newspaper and as new passengers arrive, you notice the headings of the newspaper changing or a small item dropped on the floor. My children loved reading this over and over to see who could notice something missed before. This one will be added to our favorites list, I’m sure.

What is in your book basket?



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