CursiveLogic – A Review

Recently we have been reviewing CursiveLogic Workbook from CursiveLogic. My thirteen year old son is using the CursiveLogic program to improve his cursive penmanship. Due to working with his dad away from home, he did not learn proper cursive technique earlier and needed some focused study and practice with this skill. However, at thirteen, he did not need a workbook or program designed with just younger students in mind.

This is how CursiveLogic was a perfect fit for my son. CursiveLogic was created by Linda Shrewsbury who was asked by a 23 year old young man to teach him cursive so that he would have the ability to sign his name. Faced with the need to teach cursive quickly, yet effectively, the CursiveLogic teaching strategy was created.

Incorporating simple techniques and learning tools, CursiveLogic takes the lowercase alphabet and allows the student to master cursive writing in four lessons. Since this is a self-pacing workbook, the student sets the pace and can move as quickly or as slowly as needed. Beautifully flexibility for all ages and abilities!

The instruction method of CursiveLogic incorporates letter shapes and letter strings to help students quickly learn letters by learning how they flow and join. Along with this, letters that share common shapes are color coded and verbal chants are given to help the student quickly retain the letter formation. You can read more about CursiveLogic’s Method.

The CursiveLogic Workbook walks the student through the five step process of learning to write the letter strings. In four lessons, the student has learned to write all lowercase letters and how to join them perfectly. While teaching the cursive form of the lowercase letters is the main focus of CursiveLogic, instruction in capital letter formation is included as well. For extra practice, pages of historical sayings are included as well as dry-erase practice pages.

The set up of the CursiveLogic Workbook is a bit unique. The workbook is spiral bound at the top. At first this seemed a bit odd but really makes perfect sense. No matter if your child is left-hand or right-handed, there is no binding to interfere with the flow of the hand while writing. Such a little thing that makes a huge difference!

Did CursiveLogic Work?

My son was not exactly thrilled to have CursiveLogic added to his day. But guess what? I found that once he got started, that he was voluntarily working on it each day. Sometimes he pulled the workbook out more than once to practice. The most challenging part for him was correcting his pencil grip. At the beginning of the workbook, the student is shown how to properly hold a pencil. Caleb’s grip hindered his ability to allow for the flow in cursive writing. He is improving but he still has to remind himself to relax his grip on the pencil.

We both appreciate the simple layout and presentation of the material. Having a program that was designed with all ages of students in mind has been a huge success for us. I’m not sure Caleb would have been as willing to work with other programs. At his age, it was also helpful that he could work through this program independently and at his own pace.

If you are looking for a cursive writing program, CursiveLogic is an excellent resource to consider. You can also read how others have been using CursiveLogic.

CursiveLogic Review
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