Here and There, This and That

Life is full of twist and turns. No surprise there, right?

I had plans for the summer. We normally do not take a summer break due to the heat. Spring and fall are our normal break times. Books were requested, readings scheduled, and pencils were sharpened.

Now we find ourselves in a bit of a transition…waiting….and waiting. And with this my lovely plans are not working out so beautifully. We tweak. We flex.

Perhaps the summer is working out in a better way.  My older two are diligently still working on their independent studies, writing stories, and knitting top secret gifts. Younger ones are enjoying Lego creations, mighty sword fights, journeys into space, and thrilling games of freeze tag.

A bit of reading and math here and there. Working on a bit of recitation because it’s fun, you know. Read alouds are given top priority. Penrod is our current read and I am quite pleased at how my children are digesting all the rich vocabulary.

Tomorrow….we will be here and there. We might do a bit of this and that. I have no doubt we will laugh, make memories, and enjoy. Some things just can’t be scheduled and planned. Life is good!

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