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If you had peeked into our home today, you would have seen a favorite picture book being read…by my older children. No matter whom the intended audience was, a good book is just a good book. As a mom who has been reading to her children for over sixteen years, I love nothing more than hearing my older children commenting on picture books they remember from years gone by.

When I finish reading a book and hear, “I loved that book”, then I know we might have a new addition to the Favorites list. This is Sadie (Sara O’Leary) is a glimpse into the world, the imagination, of Sadie. Sadie sees the world as only a young child can; full of possibilities and adventures.

“Sadie sails all the way round her room, and back again. And it still isn’t even time for breakfast.”

As soon as Sadie’s day begins she is on a ship in search of land. Quietly of course because old people need more sleep in the morning. The rest of her day is swimming under the sea, becoming the Mad Hatter, and turning into a fairy tale hero. The days just aren’t long enough for all the adventures Sadie has in mind.

“But more than anything she likes stories, because you can make them from nothing at all.”

Sadie is a girl with a vivid and rich imagination. As I shared this with my children, they saw themselves in Sadie. We are never far from adventures here. I loved seeing Sadie as the Mad Hatter instead of Alice in Wonderland and the heroine of the fairy tale instead of princess. There is nothing wrong with being a princess. I have a few in my home. I also have a girlie who would rather play pirate over princess.

Julie Morstad did an excellent job with the illustrations. She captured Sadie’s story so well.  As you read about Sadie’s adventures her stuffed fox is always close at hand. We can see the inspiration for her adventures spring from her cozy room. A blanket that looks like a forest, a mushroom lamp, a ship in a bottle…and the piece of chocolate cake was a sweet touch.

I will confess when I read the page about how Sadie tidied up her room, my seven year old commented, “Hey, that’s how I clean my room, too.” Ahem.

This is Sadie was enjoyed by all my children. My nine year old has read it over and over to my younger ones. We definitely recommend that you add This is Sadie to your book basket.

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