Can We Say Good Night?

I have spent the past two hours or so trying to convince my adorable fifteen month old that he really, truly wanted to go night night. He spent that time trying to convince me that I was wrong. I finally won the battle but my evening was pretty much shot. At this point I’m not really worried about the old to do list, know what I’m sayin?

When I finally got him in bed I went to the kitchen for some water. To discover that I had left chicken in the crockpot. Yeah. The chicken we will use the rest of the week for salads and such. Good thing I’m trying to increase my water intake.

On my way to the kitchen I just happened to pass four kiddos who should have been in bed. Tuesday night is Merlin night for our four oldest kiddos. We have “in the middle of nowhere” internet so at times internet speed can be turtle like. Ahem. Patience is a virtue, right? So the one episode they were watching took almost two hours. I likely would have given up but I do admire their dedication. It is worth all the talking and laughing I hear. I love my teens!

This afternoon should have been a clear indicator on how the evening was heading. I was making a chocolate Texas sheet cake. And basically destroyed my kitchen. Chocolate on the floor, a whisk handle created a crater in the cake, and as I was adding the powdered sugar a gust of wind blew through the window. Powdered sugar + wind = a snowy looking stove top.

No worries. I’ll clean that right up. Yep. I’ll take this wet washcloth and my hand right across the burner that is still hot. Glass stove tops and I are not friends. Can we say sizzle, sizzle?

In the end it all worked out. My girls had some good laughs at my kitchen adventures. Dinner and dessert were delicious. Everyone is tucked into bed and snoozing away. I have a good book next to my bed waiting for me. (All the Light We Cannot See) My to do list is ready to go for tomorrow. Hopefully my translator will be available.

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