Our 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices (a bit late)

It is hard to believe that October is already half over! I had plans to share what we were studying for this coming year but I kept putting it off. And now it is October. Better later than never, right?

Over the years I have used Ambleside Online as a book list resource and as a supplement for things such as composer study. A couple of years ago, my oldest daughter began using Ambleside Online as a full curriculum. The transition went really well and she excelled. Slowly I moved all of my children over to using Ambleside Online.

The biggest hurdle was deciding whether to group children together into a year or have them study independently of one another. In the end I opted to have each child in his or her own year. It started out really well but in the end it was not a success. Various factors played a part in the independent years not working out. I spent a good bit of time looking over that year and realizing that in the end it created more stress for me and certain children were falling through the cracks. Not my goal for homeschooling, you know?

So, this year we are back to group studies. My two oldest, 10th and 11th grades, are continuing with using Ambleside Online. They are completely independent and doing amazingly well. They schedule their days/weeks and keep themselves on track. It is a beautiful thing!

My other kiddos (Grades 8, 7, 4, 2, K) are all completing  a year of American History. I thought that this would make a great transition to the Four Year History Cycle. We take a year to get back in our learning groove, work on independent learning for the older ones, and make sure everyone has a grasp of some basic American History. Then next year we will jump into Year One – Ancients and roll with the four year cycle. It has been great getting back to what works well for our family dynamics.

Math, science, literature, grammar….now it gets a bit crazy.  I thought of sharing what everyone is doing but that is seven kiddos. It might be overkill to share it all, right?

I think perhaps I will just highlight a few things here and there.

Have you made a curriculum/style shift this year? What is working for you?

One thought on “Our 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices (a bit late)

  1. I totally hear you. I do group studies as well, including history, just adding in some extra books for the older children. I “only”have four students this year, but I definitely think that a big family adds a challenging dynamic to following AO to the letter. 🙂 I’m using it for a guideline and as a fantastic resource, but have tweaked a lot. I totally agree with you that peace in the home is sooo important! Thanks for sharing!

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