Book Signing with Mo and Dale

We have enjoyed reading about Mo and Dale in Three Times Lucky, The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, and the latest release, The Odds of Getting Even. Sheila Turnage has created a place and a people that you can’t help but love. If you haven’t journeyed to Tupelo Landing and spent some time with the charming duo of the Desperado Detective Agency, you need to head to the nearest bookstore or library. Now!

Several days ago I learned that Sheila Turnage was going to be at a nearby Barnes and Noble for a book signing. (Love how B & N supports local authors.) How could I not grab my Lydia Lu and head to meet Sheila Turnage and hopefully learn a bit about Mo’s and Dale’s future?

This was the first book signing that Lydia has attended and for it to be one of our favorite authors was great fun. Mrs. Sheila was a delight to listen to and interact with. We were thrilled to confirm that she is definitely working on Book 4 about Mo and Dale. Considering The Odds of Getting Even was just released in October 2015, I think we might have a bit of a wait.

The Mo and Dale books are classified as middle grade fiction but they are really a treasure for anyone who enjoys a good read. At the book signing, adult fans outnumbered the kiddos. Just sayin’.

I think we could become book signing groupies. It was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon. Thanks Sheila Turnage and Barnes & Nobles!


(Note: This is just me sharing about books my children and I have enjoyed. I am in no way connected or affiliated with Sheila Turnage and Barnes & Nobles. Just a mom who loves to share great book with her kiddos and you.)

2 thoughts on “Book Signing with Mo and Dale

  1. How fun! 🙂 We read so many deceased author books, I haven’t thought of this much! LOL! However, I will have to look these titles up! I’m enjoying Nooks and Crannies with my oldest…we keep swiping the book from each other to read a bit. 🙂

    • We read Nooks and Crannies, too. It is hard to swipe books from my kiddos. They are very good at hiding books until they are done with them. Clear evidence that we live in a house full of book lovers, lol.

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